Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty Five: This morning I woke and decided to step on the scale. I am down fifteen and a half pounds. That is so exciting!! Definetly a great way to start out my day. I went downstairs and had my breakfast shake to get my brain moving since today is my midterm for my injury assessment class at school. My nerves are starting to kick in but I stayed up late last night and went over all of my notes and old tests and quizzes. I feel prepared, but my mind likes to play tricks on me. As I headed to school early just to get a little extra studying done, I felt the protein hitting my system and I felt awake and ready. When I walked in my instructor said , “Oh hey Anna Joy. Are you ready to start?” “Oh Boy,” I thought. I was off to start my hands on portion of my midterm. We went back to the massage room and all was well. I aced it and now it was time for the written portion. Yikes. I know the material, but I sometimes have difficulty because I analyze every question and way overthink things. But I am feeling alert and good about the first part so here we go.  I will find out how I did on Tuesday. I went home and ate the usual lunch and then headed out to Eunice’s house to set up my Arbonne website. I love doing things like this because they are important and they tell people that I am serious about what I do. After going through all the pages, I started getting the hang of things and I think I have it down. Tonight is my Arbonne launch party.  I am having a few friends over and hopefully I can help them fall in love with Arbonne like I have. It truly would be alot of fun to work with my closest friends. Even though they go to colleges around the U.S. they can take Arbonne back to school with them and we can build a great team. I am really excited about starting a business with fun people and building our friendships even more.


Only Six More Days

Day Twenty Four: Today was a good day. I woke up early to go shopping with my mom. We wet to Costco. That place truly is amazing and all you have to do is pay an annual fee and you get to shop whenever and they give you some percent back at the end of the year. We went in and looked through the fresh fruits and vegetables. The thing about Costco, they sell in bulk and the prices are cheap. Now that I have a card  can shop too and I am pretty excited about that! We walked around and picked out the things that are good for us to eat on this journey. Even though the first month of our journey is starting to come to a close, we are not saying, “Well we can buy this or that since our DIET is going to be over” We have truly found a way of eating not a diet. After our shopping extravaganza we went to one of my mother’s rental properties and worked for a few hours painting walls and getting the house ready for someone to move in. When we came home we spend a few hours packing boxes to make the house look scarce so it will sell. I am starting to get excited about moving and all of the possibilities that come with that. For dinner mom and I made a new recipe. We threw chicken, peppers, green beans, salsa and black beans in a large frying pan. We let that simmer for a few and wrapped that in cabbage and then let the whole concoction simmer in a pan until the cabbage cooked. It was truly the best meal we have eaten in this first thirty days. I am excited that we are only getting better and better with throwing flavors together and making wonderful meals. I decided that today I will no longer count the calories throughout the day, because I have learned portions and it is easier to know what to eat.

School School and more School

Day Twenty Three: Today was an extra long day. It was school and I have one midterm coming up in two days for my first class and for my second class, it is in a week. I am freaking out. I am trying to scramble around and review the things that I know I know. You know? In my first class we practiced for the test and I feel better now. I keep telling myself that since I have been eating correctly my mind will be clearer and I will ace it. Who knows, right? After that class I realized that I left my lunch at home and I heard Eunice’s voice ringing in my ears, “Never skip a meal… or else!” 🙂 It is funny the phrases she said about a month ago and she only said it once. But I drove home to get my protein bars and an apple. I enjoyed munching on them all throughout my second class. By the end of the school day on Tuesdays I am pretty exhausted. It is safe to say that every Tuesday I am overloaded with information and thankfully I am a great note taker and on Wednesday I can look back and remember what we talked about. I came home ad mom and I were craving a chicken salad. We knew we couldn’t have the mayonnaise, but we really wanted to have chicken salad. We decided to experiment with flavor. We cut up our chicken, grapes, celery, a couple of boiled eggs, and then we took the avocado dressing with cilantro and poured that on top to make it creamy. The flavors meshed nicely. I thought that each bite was an explosion of flavor even. I love playing with food!!

Massage Day

Today was a good day…  It was mostly a relaxed day. This morning after enjoying my shake I went to the theater and saw a movie with my little sister. After the movies I had people over to the house for massages. The first person came and it was interesting to feel how tight she was in her neck and lower back. I worked on her for over an hour and when she left she was feeling better and I shared with her a few things I have learned about eating right and relieving stress. After she left Sarah G got on the table and I practiced on her all of he different injuries I have to practice before my midterm on thursday. I am amazed at how fast this semester is flying by. I feel like yesterday I was walking down the aisle at graduation and in a month and half I will be graduated and licensed in therapeutic massage. After I gave Sarah a massage, we decided to go to the park and study for my midterm. We sat for almost three hours and went over everything until I could feel my brain melting. When we got home we sat down as a family and ate grilled chicken and large salads with a new dressing recipe that we made and I think it was the best one yet!! It had tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, lemon juice and a few added spices. YUM!!  After dinner I could give mom a massage before she went to bed. I love working on her because she is in a lot of pain often and when I work on her I can really tell a difference. Although since she started the 30 Days to Fit, she has no more pain in her joints. She tells people “I thought I was just getting old, but no way!” It is cool to be able to see the difference eating right can make on your life. I love days like today when I get to relax and give massages and know that even though today is a relax day, I am still making a difference. Oh, and before I forget, I stepped on the scale today… Fifteen pounds four ounces!!! Life is good.


Day Twenty One: Well I goofed. Yesterday was a little hectic, and when I got home I sat down to blog and our internet was down… how frustrating!! But anyway I am back. Yesterday was a good day. I started my day off right with a protein shake and then spent my morning at the homeschool convention where I really started to click with the people who came by my booth. For dinner we sat down and had chili. I had kinda given up the idea of chili because my favorite way to eat chili is with a package of Ritz crackers and your use the chili as a dip. When we sat down I was slightly hesitant because there were no crackers anywhere, but I really didn’t miss them. I added some cayenne pepper to my bowl to give it an extra kick and I didn’t miss the flavor of the crackers. It was really great! Today I woke up and enjoyed my shake for breakfast  before running off to church. At my house every Sunday we have a ton of people over to the house and we always cook way too much food and we all feast. Part of me was upset because today I had to be careful and measure out my portions. I realized that because we set our table as a buffet style, I never stopped eating when I was full. I would leave the dinner table feeling slow, stuffed, and usually a little sick. Today however, I enjoyed my nice sized piece of steak and my large salad and roasted carrots and because my body is getting used to the portions of this way of eating I was very satisfied when I left the table. After lunch we, as a family, talked about selling our house and moving. We set a date to have the house ready to sell in two weeks. Wow,we have spent the last ten years, or close to it, in this house and it is hard to believe that we could be out of here in a month. But we spent all evening packing boxes to make our rooms emptier and we steam cleaned the carpets and made the house look nice. I am excited about the new prospects, but the new and unknown is a little scary. But really, is it any different with life or any change? We have to take a leap of faith knowing that we will land in a better place. If we don’t take that first step, we will never get anywhere.

The Convention

Day Nineteen: I had a really great day today. I woke up this morning and enjoyed my protein shake… what’s new? I got dressed for the day because today I am got to work the Arbonne booth at a homeschool convention in town.  When we arrived I talked to Emily, another Arbonne consultant, and learned the lay of the land and really how to talk to people. We talked for a little bit and it relieved my nerves a little. Sarah and I wandered around and looked at all of the different booths. There was everything from ABeka books to movies, to jewelery and purse booths. When it was time for me to man the booth I headed back that way and saw that Eunice was there to kind of walk me through the process of the day. It was like a wave of relief came over me. We sat for a little while and talked about Arbonne and how I was doing and then she would snag people talk to and to get to know. I loved watching her converse with people because she just lit up and it seemed like she knew what to say every time. As lunchtime grew closer the candy cart came around carrying chips and water and I wanted those chips but i reached into my bag and pulled out my protein bars and apple that i had brought. I realized that when I am out I need not be hungry. I need to eat so that the temptation of the food that is thrown in your face everywhere is not an issue for you. It is just ike when you go to the grocery, you are never supposed to go if you are hungry because you are more prone to buy more than you intended, or just junk that looks appealing. After we got home from the conference we sat down as a family and ate some chili and beautiful salads. In the past we had always sat down and eaten as a family but I never really appreciated it because it was just part of the routine. Now I really do appreciate that aspect of accountability because it is easier to stay with eating healthy if you have someone to do it with you. Accountability is key!! I am excited to see a lot of the people I talked to at the Forks over Knives meeting on Tuesday and to hopefully get them the products to help them make their lives the best they can be.

Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen: I am so tired and I have been all day. I believe it is because it has been in the nineties outside with forty-two percent humidity. I stayed out last night and didn’t go to bed until two in the morning and when I got up at 6, because she lives in the middle of nowhere, I was a little tired.  I got home around eight and had my strawberry vanilla protein shake before I was off to school. Today we had people come in and share about thier experience with fibromyalgia. I love to listen to people’s story and know exactly how to help, to the best of my ability. After class we talked about midterm, which is in one week. I can’t believe that I am already half-way through my last semester of college. I am ecstatic! I am a little bit nervous about it, but since I have been eating right my test scores are up and I am able to think clearly. On the way home I enjoyed my protein bars and an apple. I came home for a couple of hours and then went out to my Arbonne sponsor’s house to work on my blog also to talk about a conference I will be attending this weekend. I am nervous because I feel unprepared because I don’t know very much but I think that I am just there to share my story thus far and I am very excited about that. For dinner we had General Tso’s chicken, homemade of course. It was so good. I thought for sure that I was not eating the correct amount of calories but it lined up. We bought a mix at the store and all of the ingredients were natural and there was no MSG or sugar. I was a little suprised. I am proud of mom for branching out and being calorie conscious and looking out for us on this diet. Tonight Sarah G. and I are going to sit down and watch a comedy and hopefully laugh and bond. I love having someone to bond with over anything and everything. That is what sisters are for, right? I am so lucky to have a support system to help me do the best I can on my journey to fit.