Lunch Mishap

Today was a school day and it turned out to be a slightly frustrating day on my 30 Days to Fit journey. I woke up this morning and had my breakfast shake, just like any other day, and headed to school. I enjoyed class where I learned about different ways to help people manage their pain. When lunch rolled around I rummaged through my bag and my protein bars weren’t there. You see, on school days it is convenient for me to have a couple of protein bars and an apple and cook my one meal when I get home. I only have a half hour lunch break before my next class and am unfamiliar with the restaurants around school. I drove down to the first light and turned and came to fast food restaurants that I was sure I was not going to be able to find anything close to 30 Days to Fit criteria. I turned around and drove the other way and just as I was going to give up and head back to school I saw a Subway. Now I am not eating any gluten on 30 Days to Fit, so I was going to order a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, salt, pepper and vinegar and take off the bread and enjoy the chicken. However as I pulled into the parking lot every spot was taken and I did not have time to park across the street and walk. I decided to go ahead and start back to school because I figured not having that meal probably would be better for me than having greasy fried food. On my way back I passed a sub shop and decided to give it one last try. I was already running a few minutes late for my next class I figured that I could try my Subway technique at Jersey Mikes instead. As I was frantically looking through the menu I saw that they had a lettuce wrap and decided to try it. I had a ham and turkey lettuce wrap with vinegar, salt and pepper. It turned out not to be that bad. It gave me some of the protein I needed and helped me stay focused throughout my next class. I realized that it is difficult to have a high protein low-fat, low-carb meal anywhere. I wished at that moment that gas stations carried protein shakes and drive thru windows had protein bars. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I decided that after my lunch today I am going to do research of restaurants with a low-calorie option that will give you protein in  meal. I do think that you should do whatever you can to have your protein shakes, but I have to understand that I make mistakes and I am forgetful and I need to be prepared for days like today. Today was definitely a learning experience for me. When I got home from school I enjoyed my protein shake. It is weird now, though, because I do not think that I got the same amount of protein as usual and I have struggled somewhat with hunger as my night is coming to a close.  That just reminds me that I need to be prepared and that protein really is the only thing that can fill you up adequately and keep you satisfied throughout the day.


Road Trips

Today is day twenty-one of my second month on thirty days to fit. Today we came home from Tennessee and I realized something. Road trips can be difficult for someone on 30 Days to Fit. I realized, as I was eating my protein bars out of the cooler, that if I was not prepared for a meal I really would not have a choice but to eat something not on the 30 Days to Fit plan. As we were driving, we stopped off for gas, I looked around and saw McDonalds, Arbys, KFC, and Sonic. I did not see a soup and salad place, a health food store, or anything of the sort. We stopped at a Kroger gas station and I took my sister in for something to eat because she was not hungry for the protein bars. We walked through the deli and saw fried chicken, tortilla wraps, macaroni and cheese, and cole slaw. We looked and looked. Finally, we found some baked chicken (coated in grease but we soaked it up the best we could) and got her a piece. Then we went to the bagged salads portion of the deli and found her a bag of salad with carrots, lettuce, and spinach. Thankfully we had made a toasted almond salad dressing and she had that on her salad as we were driving. But anyway, most people would not think to run into a grocery store to get some fast food. Most people on road trips, who find that they are unprepared, throw up their hands and go through the McDonalds drive thru. Preparation really is HUGE in 30 Days to Fit. If you are not prepared you will either decide to skip meals (which is BAD) or you give up and buy greasy fast-food. But that isn’t your fault. Now I am not saying that you should not try, but our society today does not give the option for us to eat healthy unless you make it at home.  Then they wonder why obesity and diabetes is such a growing problem in the United States. I know I talked about this before but in the Forks Over Knives Video they use the statistic that diabetes and cancer kill over one million people worldwide annually. Seriously! I know that I am only eighteen but through Arbonne I truly want to open people’s eyes to the health problems in our society today and maybe together we will make a difference.

Taco Bowls

So yesterday I thought I was sore… I was wrong. I woke up this morning and said, “Was I hit by a bus in my sleep?” I woke up just hurt all over. I think I worked muscles that I did not know existed. I spent the first hour of my day stretching and trying to loosen up my muscles. The stretching did help so I had my breakfast shake to get my day going. Today we went to a flea market. We arrived in Franklin, Tn to visit my sister and she loves the flea market that is open the last saturday of every month. I was pretty excited. When we got there I was feeling confident that walking around would help me be less sore. As we walked around the outside flea market, the sun started to rise and that heat was blistering. As I walked the muscles in my abdomen hurt badly because you use them to walk. We found some wonderful things like hand crafted, beautiful cutting boards and a knife magnet. The more we cook with fresh foods, the more I realized that ou knives at home are truly not sharp enough to cut through fresh vegetables easily. A knife magnet hangs on your wall so the knives are easily accessible and they do not dull by bumping into each other. The most dangerous tool in the kitchen is a dull knife. We walked around for a few hours and enjoyed the different tents. We we got back to my sister’s house, we had our lunch shakes. I love that no matter how many shakes we have I never get tired of them. I actually look forward to them all day. We spent the afternoon at home and for dinner we had a taco bar. This is a wonderful idea. I had actually not thought of this. When I think of taco bars, they include wheat tortillas as our base, queso, and shredded cheese. Tonight we had lettuce, avocado, ground turkey with taco seasoning, black beans, tomatoes and peppers in our bowls. We simply layered ingredients in bowls and they were delicious. It was a taco salad without the dairy or wheat. It was Fantastic!! This recipe is definitely going in my book. It was so simple and I had given up on tacos. I love adapting foods. I know taco salads are well-known, and maybe I am the only one, but it hadn’t crossed my mind.


Today is day nineteen of my second month on Arbonne’s 30 days to fit. It has been a whirlwind of a day. This morning I woke up at 6:00, and got read to for exercising. I thought me exercising a couple  of miles a day was enough, or was a lot, but man was I wrong!! I had my breakfast shake and was off to my sponsor’s  house, Eunice Ray. We started by briskly walking the hills of the road in front of her house. We did a little over a mile and really it wasn’t a problem. Because I have been keeping up my running a mile has become easy. It was when we got back to her house that I felt a little out of my league. We did lunges which increases your heart rate and we then proceeded to doing five sets of lunges, push ups, leg kicks, and planks. WOW!!!! By the end of what seemed like forever, only 45 minutes, I was beat. 🙂 After our workout I did my stretching and had a fizzy tab drink. Arbonne sells fizz sticks which give a very calm energy that will really help you get through the day. I loved how the drink made me feel and how I was actually awake on my way home. But all that said, here’s the kicker… I am so sore!! I knew that we did a hard workout, but I had no idea my body was so unprepared. I feel like every muscle in my body is punishing me for working them so hard. I was standing at the counter cutting sweet potatoes into fries as our snack during a movie, and my pecks, in the front of my shoulders hurt so badly I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to finish. My plan as of now is to do the workout I did today at least three times a week. I believe that if I keep up a steady workout my body will burn off the necessary calories and I will not be so sore afterwards. Also I do not think that I drank enough water after my workout. I read that if you do not hydrate properly after a good workout you are sore. Who knows? I guess the true test will be tomorrow morning when I wake up. 🙂

By the way I am so incredibly enjoying sweet potato fries. Tonight I made them but didn’t get the oven hot enough and they weren’t as crunchy as I had hoped. So, word to the wise, if you want fries instead of soft sweet potatoes, make sure your oven is at 400 not 350 degrees in temperature. just a f.y.i.

Bacials anyone?

Today and yesterday was an Arbonne day. Have you ever heard of a bacial? Yeah, I hadn’t either until a couple of days ago. A bacial is a spa treatment, like a facial, except on your back. I don’t know if it a real thing… but it is now! I was gifted the Arbonne Detox Spa line and I am in love! Seriously, this suff is phenomenal! Yesterday I decided to play and give my mother a bacial. She has been having a lot of pain lately into her back on the right side and I was worried that I was not going to be able to massage that side of her back. As I got into the massage and was rubbing the Arbonne sea salt scrub up and down her back, she told me that it actually felt great. The scrub is a tool for exfoliation and is really great for opening up the pores. Another great product is the Arbonne detox spa face and body mask. You spread it out and let it dry for ten minutes. When I removed the mask the skin was significantly smoother and softer. I was amazed, but the product that I have fallen in love with is the Arbonne Detox Spa body gelle. WOW not only does this gelle make your skin so incredibly soft, but the smell is divine. It has a mint smell to it and is so incredibly relaxing! Another great thing about the gelle is that as a massage therapist it was fairly easy to glide up and down the back. The bacial is wonderful to relax! I was thinking about it and it would be so great to do bacials on soon-to-be brides or girls before prom who want their backs to be perfect in their strapless dress. I am in love with the bacial!!

Tonight I gave my first testimony presentation. Instead of giving a catalog presentation I got to share my story and how people can really change their lives with Arbonne’s 30 Days to Fit program. I am so happy with the way things worked out. I talked to a woman who is going to talk to her husband about trying 30 Days to Fit for a month. I know that if she does, it will change their lives, and that, to me, is exciting. I can’t wait to hear their stories on their journey to fit and becoming passionate about health and the well-being of others. I not only love being able to share my story with people but I also love to have a girls’ night that we can relax and learn about the benefits of health and wellness. So many people do not know the statistics of disease and diet and their connection. As I learn more and more about the benefits of eating healthy, I am more motivated to share it with people. The studies done are astounding with the amount of heart disease and diabetes that are killing Americans every year. I was listening to Forks Over Knives tonight and even though I have seen it a few times I caught the fact  that combined heart disease and diabetes kill over one million people in the United States annually. Isn’t that crazy!?! We need to know that things need to change. We need to take control of our health destiny!

Sweet Tooth

Day sixteen of my second month on Arbonne’s 30 Days to Fit. Today I was super craving sugar. I walked around the kitchen saying, “Oh I want chocolate cookies” or “Oo did mom buy any ice cream” even though I know she would not buy ice cream of all things. I was just plain ol’ craving sweets… chocolate to be exact. I am actually surprised that I haven’t struggled with this earlier. Anyway I FOUND A SOLUTION!!!  I ran across the street to Meijer and bought a sweet potato (just stay with me) and I cut it into small rectangular slices and sprinkled them with cinnamon and stevia and threw them in the oven to make sweet potato fries. Stevia is an all natural sweetener that is a great substitute for sugar. I put it in my lemonade and in anything really that you want to have a sweet taste. Anyway, I know that most fries are deep-fried or at least baked with oil but the recipe that I used told me to steam them slightly before cooking and they turned out great. The cinnamon and stevia tricked my brain into thinking that I was enjoying a magnificent cinnamon and sugar treat. It was so good!!! I have thought about it lately about how chocolate is so full of sugar and I just love my chocolate. I read an article that talked about how the cacao bean that they make chocolate from has many great nutrients in them but when they are cooked and processed they lose most of the good nutrients. Isn’t that interesting? I have realized that most things that have good vitamins raw we as a society cook into meals. I watched the Forks Over Knives video a few weeks back and the doctor on that video recommends that people should eat a whole food plant-based diet and eat as much as they can raw to preserve nutrients. Lately I have been putting more vegetables on my salad so I can eat them raw instead of cooking them in a pan. I do know that if you don’t have a taste for raw broccoli or sugar snap peas you should steam your vegetables because if you steam them they don’t lose nutrients. If you boil your vegetables then the nutrients cook into the water and then you throw the water out. I love learning the small tricks to preserve not only the taste of the food but also the ingredients our bodies need most!

Month 2: Day Fifteen

Today is day fifteen of my second month on 30 Days to FIt. I am intrigued at the differences between last month and this month. Last month the pounds were jumping off of me, but this month I am at a plateau and have been for a while. I have not broken the 220 mark, yet we took pictures today to mark progress and there is definitely a difference. My stomach has flattened a bit and the is a small difference in my arms. I am interested in the way our bodies adapt to what we put into them. I think that my body has adapted to eating right and because I have started really exercising I am losing inches! Isn’t the way God designed our bodies mind-blowing!

This morning as I was enjoying my strawberry shake I was thinking about how even though I never thought I would really enjoy eating healthy I am now excited to have my protein shakes and look forward to my mornings. At the beginning of my journey I had a few friends tell me that they would never have protein shakes because they are too picky of an eater. I asked them what they had tried and they told me that they had bought soy and whey protein powder at the store and they hated it! The amazing thing about the Arbonne protein powder is that it is soy and whey free and tastes so much better. I agree with them in saying that I do not care for the taste of soy or whey protein but the protein made from pea, cranberry and rice protein tastes so much better. I had a friend over to the house who had told me that she tried so many different recipes from the powder that she bought at the supermarket she was giving up on protein powder in general. I told her, “Well I can’t tell you what you should do but let me make you one of my protein shakes and then we will talk about protein powder.” She looked at me slightly annoyed and agreed. We sat and the moment she tasted it her face lightened. She said, “Wow, that really does make a difference. Wow. Where can I get some of that??” I smiled because the Arbonne powder really isn’t like the others and people do not believe me. I love sitting down with someone and getting so share the pure and safe products that Arbonne provide for reasonable prices!