Change is Great!

Today is day five of my Grandmother’s first month. I am so proud of her. Some exciting changes are already taking place!! She has arthritis in her knees that is disabling at times. In the middle of the night she would wake up and need to get up but couldn’t because she could not move her knees. As we were talking today she told me that she has gotten up last night and the night before and was able to get out of bed right away. She has not been able to do that in years!! Isn’t that incredible. When people tell me about their bodies reacting to us taking care of them, I get excited. Change is good, don’t you think? I find it hard not to smile from ear to ear and just jump inside. I love that the knowledge that I have gained is able to be passed on to help other people receive healing in their own bodies. I am looking forward to the possibilities that this month can bring for her!! Tonight my mother was throwing out her pants that didn’t even come close to fitting her and I thought, “What the heck? Why not?” and I tried them on. They fit perfectly!!! I am officially down five or six pant sizes!!!!!!! Isn’t that unbelievable? I never thought it could happen to me and look at me now.


You are Beautiful

Today is day twenty one of my third month on 30 Days to Fit… As this month comes to a close, I am reflecting on my journey with Arbonne, and also on the people I have been able to reach through Arbonne’s pure and safe products. One major thing that has been on my mind is how fast and crazy life can get. I look at people who work two jobs just to get by.  After work they try to cram time in for their errands, friends, and family. People are always running, running, running. We have to make sure to take care of our bodies. Lately I have been putting together facial parties where we learn together about how many skin care products on the market are toxic on your skin. The saying “You are what you put into your body,” keeps popping up in my head. All of Arbonne’s products are free of toxins and mineral oils, and when I think about what I was eating before Arbonne, I thank God for placing this in my life. When I look in the mirror I like what I see. I never thought that would happen. I used to get up and stare at the floor while getting ready because I just didn’t want to see the me that others see. What I didn’t know is that who I saw in the mirror was a much harsher version of me then the me others saw. Please know that you are beautiful whether you are 100 pounds or 400 pounds. Walk with your head held high and know that God will love you no matter what. He sees you everyday and you are never alone. Don’t let the unrealistic looks of this world dictate how you look at yourself.  Do the best you can to be the best you can be. My mother always said, “Do your best and let God do the rest.” . We have to take a moment every once in a while to rest. So today, how about taking a breather and letting God take control of your worries? There is no other feeling like it!

Day Nineteen

Today is a Monday. The start of a new week. I love to sit for a moment on Monday and envision the rest of my week. This week my primary goals are to help my grandmother get on the right track for 30 Days to Fit and to really help her be as successful as possible. My dream for her is that she will be able to walk without being in so much pain. Everyday she wakes up and can barely get out of bed because of her arthritis. I believe in my heart that if she were to lose fifty pounds with Arbonne that she would be in less pain and would be able to enjoy life. Many elderly people who struggle with being overweight are in pain and they just say, “Oh, I am old. The pain is part of the package deal.” But no! There are many people in their eighties and nineties that are fully functional because they eat right and exercise. Our bodies are not made to shut down at age fifty-five. If we take care of our bodies, they will last and we can enjoy life to the fullest. We have to have a mindset of long-term instead of the here and now. Right now I have to think about how when I become fifty to seventy years old I will be out running 5K runs and enjoying life instead of thinking about “missing out” on the junk food now.I don’t want to have to “Get Old” and slow and be in bed for years. We have to take control of our health now so that in 10 years we are able to help people. Let me tell you,  people notice if you take care of yourself. The people in my life could tell a difference in me within the first week or so of changing my eating and exercise plan. THIS IS GOLD!! Also, it doesn’t matter if you are my age or if you are fifty or if you are seventy. There is always room for improvement. If we change our habits, we can clear our systems of toxins and our bodies will run like they are supposed to! Start today. Take the initiative and don’t let another day slip you by. You will not regret it, I promise!


Today was an interesting day. My mother is going to Uganda on a mission trip and tomorrow is  a fundraiser at our church. That would be all fine and good but my mother was put in charge of desserts and dinner rolls… Uh oh… Those are my two weaknesses that I really have to watch. I volunteered to make the cupcakes because I do so enjoy decorating cupcakes and I really did not think too much of it. Throughout the day as the kitchen was filling with the aroma of warm sugar my head started to spin. Ok that may be a little dramatic but they did smell good. I am glad to say that I kept myself together and have not had a cupcake! Yesterday my sister ordered a pizza and it really didn’t bother me. I am so happy to know that even though I do struggle some with the temptation of eating badly, I have learned the art of self control. You know, part of it is self control, but most of it is the knowledge that if I do eat something with wheat, it will set my system out of whack and it could stop my weight loss for now. I also know that if I do mess up I will feel awful. I never want to be sluggish or sick and to do that I have learned that I have to eat right! Anyway I am proud to say that I will be spending most of my night filling cupcakes with pudding or something of the sort but I am never going to eat them. Please know that I know that it is hard but if you are reading this and are on 30 Days to Fit or thinking about changing your diet (YAY) do the very best you can. No one is perfect and if you were to stumble you just remember tomorrow is a new day. Don’t ever give up! Keep going and you will get to where you want to be! I am a ways away from where I want to be, but I know that I just got to keep with it… Right? If I don’t give up then nothing will get in my way. I have to get to where I am going!! That is exciting news right there. If you want to truly be fit and be the best person you can be, stick with it and share your story. Use my story and yours to inspire someone to take control of their destiny! Don’t let your friends and family live their lives just to be attacked my heart disease and diabetes, share! You can change lives.  My ministry with Arbonne, no, my dream with Arbonne is to inspire just one person to be the best they can be. If I can do that I will be the happiest person in the world!!!

Isn’t Life Great?

So today I came up with yet another great thing about 30 Days to Fit. Tonight we realized that not only are we spending less money on groceries, we are also throwing out alot less leftovers. Tonight we took the filet mingion tht we made  few days ago, and threw it in a pan with lots of vegetables and seasoned it with some ginger and soy sauce. As we were making it we thought that the dis would also be really ood if you aded some coconut milk and curry. The only downside to he curry is that the milk makes it a little higher in calores, so you just have to watch. I know that we used to throw away leftovers often. I love saving money and being healthier at the same time.

Tomorrow my grandmother is arrivng in town and she is so excited to start on her jorney to 30 Days to Fit.  I am very much looking forward to seeing her progress and waching as her weight falls off and she tansforms into a new person.

Day Fouteen

Today is day fourteen of the third wonderful month on 30 Days to fit. Wow three months already. I love it! Lately I have not been losing as much weight as I would like and I may have figured out why. I have been eating right and eating the correct amount of calories but things like rice and sweet potatoes have found their way back onto my dinner table. I have realized that I need to completely cut those things out of my diet and maybe I can get to where I need to be. I have found that after three months I don’t really think about eating the right things. I have the choices in front of me and I make the right decisions. Through my journey I have learned the correct way of eating and I don’t have to work as hard as I did the first or second month on my new way of eating. I love that I can go to the grocery store hungry because when I overbuy, I overbuy kale or broccoli or fresh asparagus… YUM. When I first started on this journey I was worried that I would burn out, that I would not be motivated to lose more weight. I was afraid that the urge for sweets would overpower the urge to be healthy. Let me be the first to tell you, “That has not happened yet!”

I love to hear my mother talk about how our grocery bill has decreased and we have actually saved money by eating healthy. I feel like most people look at eating healthy and freak out because they think that it is so expensive and they could never afford it. What they see is an amount of money they have set aside a month that they use up and then the diet on top of that. If you cut out a three dollar bag of potato chips and buy fresh vegetables instead you can save money. Don’t get me wrong, we still look for deals but they are the deals on the fresh fruit or the fresh salmon. It is so much fun to go to the grocery store and instead of buying seventy five dollars in junk we buy twenty dollars in fresh foods to last us for a few days. Take a second and think about it. One bag of Arbonne vegan protein powder is sixty dollars retail. Each bag make thirty shakes. That is only two dollars a meal!! If you try to live on two dollars a meal eating junk, you will end up going through fast food lines and being hungry an hour later. After that hour you will end up spending even more money trying to satisfy your angry stomach. Your body should not need to eat six large calorie meals a day. Three high protein, low carb meals will keep you satisfied throughout the day. I love it, i mean what’s not to love?


So for the last couple of days I have been struggling with being hungry. I thought to myself, “Hmm… That is odd. What have I eaten today?” When I thought about it I have realized that I have been eating less salads and more of a meal with meat and lots of veggies. I know that sounds like an odd reason for me to be hungry but I have beena ingesting less protein than normal. On my salads I usual have chicken, black beans, and a boiled egg for added protein. That extra protein keeps me satisfied and I am rarely hungry. I decided that tomorrow I am going to start eating a large salad for a meal instead of making a meal of separate protein and vegetables. I always find it amazing how our bodies react to what we give it. If I am not giving my body enough protein to sustain it my body freaks out and a feel very hungry. Isn’t it amazing how God created our bodies to react to toxins and to naturally balance itself. The more I study Anatomy, the more I am dumbfounded at the intricacy of the human body and of God’s mind. Wow