Today we had a recipe that is becoming a new tradition. We ate the Quinoa and Tilapia. It was delicious as always but I learned something new about it. I have found that most meats that I eat are roughly two-hundred calories for four ounces. At the dinner table, we were talking about how light tilapia is, and when I looked it up, four ounces of fish is only one hundred and ten calories! That means over-all the meal is only three hundred calories. If your meal is minimal calories then you can enjoy a large salad and splurge with some avocado dressing or black beans. I have learned to love fish because it is so filling and usually low-calorie and whether you bake it or grill it or roll it in sushi, it tastes great! I always get excited to find food that is protein dense as opposed to calorie dense. The more protein dense your food, the more filling. Does that make sense? I like exploring the world of food. Now let me explain, before 30 Days to Fit exploring the world of food meant trying different restaurants to see which had the “best” food. Now when I say exploring the world of food, I mean walking through the produce aisle and picking out a new green vegetable to experiment with or find new spices to play with. When I think about it, my entire mindset has changed. I am not the person I was four months ago. I am better! I am learning to love me and to love food. Before food was an addiction. I was addicted to the fat and sugar, and it was slowly killing me. I am so incredibly thankful to have had someone tell me that there is another way. You don’t have to feel guilty over eating and you don’t have to feel sick and tired all the time. I feel fantastic and my mind is sharp. Life is good!


Ups and Downs

Today was a whirlwind day. Last night I went out with a few friends and we watched movies and played games all night long. This morning they all wanted to go to IHOP. Even though I knew I should probably not go and have a protein shake, I went with them to IHOP. As I was looking at the menu, I saw the pancakes and the waffles and, honestly, it did not even appeal to me because I have adapted my palate to not want the sugar that I used to crave. I finally chose an omlete with peppers and onions and… ham and cheese. I thought to myself, “You know, it wont matter. I will have shakes for my other meals, and it wont matter… right?” Ya I was wrong. First of all I am lactose intolerant and the cheese was just a dumb choice but I felt fine throughout the day until dinner. I am used to having my meal in the evening and after I had my dinner shake, I was still hungry. I believe that I am hungry because I had not had enough protein for the day. I deviated from the calories my body needed and my body was telling me that. The good news is that I had protein bars made in the fridge and after that extra protein, I am not hungry anymore! I know I did poorly, but tomorrow is a new day. I messed up today, but I refuse to let that get me down. I am human and it is hard to break habits of my old self. I choose to treat everyday as a new day.

On a better note, I have some fun/great news to share. I am officially down fifty pounds and I put on my size twelve jeans today. Do you know what that means? I have lost ten pant sizes… TEN!! When I put on those jeans tears came to my eyes. That sounds stupid, but I am a new person. I feel so much better than I ever have in my entire life and I have come so far. I know that I still have a journey ahead of me, but I am never giving up! I have found my way of being the best person I can ever be, and I will NEVER go back. It is still hard for me to believe that the person I see in the mirror is me. Isn’t that wierd? The good news is that you can do what I have done. Give it thirty days. Just thirty days…

Grandmother Update!

Today I was dreaming about Christmas. Only three months away, you know? Every year for a Christmas present my family takes a trip to Florida. As I was looking outside my window today, I started dreaming about warm sandy beaches and the rolling ocean. My goal is to be at 180 pounds and to enjoy picking out a swimsuit and lounging on the beach. Arbonne changes lives. Everyday that I get the opportunity to talk to someone new about how Arbonne can change their life I get so excited.

I have an update on my grandmother!! We were talking about how her pain level has decreased significantly! One problem that she has struggled with for so long is swollen ankles and for the past few weeks she has been able to wear her old shoes. It is easier for her to walk up and down the stairs and she is able to be more active with us. I believe she has lost about 9 pounds which is really great! I was not sure if her metabolism would allow her to lose the weight she needed to lose, but when she switched her eating, her metabolism sped up to allow change. I am so excited to see her progress over the next few months. Her journey combined with mine shows that 30 Days to Fit truly is for anyone and everyone at every point in their life. If my 83-year-old grandmother can have success than you can too!

Day Sixteen

Today is day sixteen of my fourth month on 30 Days to Fit. Even you I have had sixteen days this month, I still cannot believe that I changed my eating only four months ago. I have some good new to share: I broke my plateau! I was stuck at two hundred pounds forever and I have overcome!! I am at 198.1 pounds and that means I have lost fifty pounds. Its official… I am excited! I went through my closet and threw away all of my size sixteen jeans, that fall off of me, away and I am never going back. That is an amazing thing about my journey I truly will never go back! I go shopping and my first instinct is to walk straight to the womens plus section, but NO! I have to remind myself that I am successful and I finally get to shop for clothes my own age. That may sound silly but I have been shopping in the plus section for so long, it just makes you feel good to finally shop in the juniors section. I didn’t think it was possible, but I have a newfound courage. I have my eyes on 180 and I am GOING to make it. If I feel discouraged, all I have to do is look back, see all of the progress I have made and it changes my whole perspective.  I want to encourage all who are reading this to take the next step of faith. I know I say this fairly often, but give yourself thirty days, and if 30 Days to Fit does not change your mind you can walk away no harm done, right? And if you think about it what is thirty days in the whole scheme of things? Take control of your destiny, and change your life!

Fiber Boost

New Recipe!! Tonight we had a grand meal! We bought some frozen Tilapia and decided it was a night for seafood! We put together a quinoa stuffing with celery and poultry seasoning and it as delicious. We usually have this recipe when we go to Florida for Christmas, but we occasionally have tilapia here. (See the recipe page for the amazing recipe!) If you are feeling adventurous, try it out! It really is a delectable treat!

One more thing to tell you is that over the past few months my mother has used the drugstore off-brand fiber boost in her shakes. She told me that the fiber really did not do much for her so she was frustrated. I talked her into trying the Arbonne fiber boost and, as usual, the fiber was ten times superior. The Arbonne fiber boost dissolves completely in your shakes and really does help you digestive system run smoothly. I use the Arbonne digestion plus in my shakes in the morning and it accoplishes the same task. I find that everytimeI decide that I should go with an off brand instead of the Arbonne alternative, I regret it. You would think I had learned my lesson, right? I have truly fallen in love with every Arbonne product I have had the chance to use. Remember Arbonne is always here with a pure, safe and beneficial alternative that will benefit you in every way possible!

Love Life!!

Today is my birthday!! Birthdays are a time to reflect on the past year and also to look to the future. I pulled out some photos from the past couple of years and as I looked at my prom pictures I thought, “Wow, if I had only had Arbonne earlier.” I looked at my size 22 decked out prom dress and almost couldn’t believe my eyes. I pulled out my senior photos. Even though they were nice pictures, I have come so far. Looking back makes me want to shout it from the rooftops. I really do think Arbonne is for everyone! Whether you want to lose a few pounds or have healthier skin, Arbonne can help you. If you have rosatia or hormone imbalance, Arbonne can change your life! As I look to the future, I get excited about all of the endless possibilities. The world is my oyster! Arbonne is taking off for me and I am going to the top of the company and taking many with me! My weight loss journey is going better than I have ever imagined. My massage business is starting to take off. Wow could life be better? I think about how four months ago I struggled with confidence and depression. Today and from here forward I am a confident business woman, loving life!!!! You want to hear the good news? You can love life too!!!

New Recipe!!

Lats night we made a meal that I have to share with you. It is a soup from the cookbook Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook called Orange Black Beans and Cumin Soup. (See recipe page for recipe) It is so easy to make, all you have to do is throw ingredients in the crockpot in the morning and by the time dinner rolls around, you have a delicious soup and not to mention much leftovers. We made a pot of the soup and it fed three and I am sure it could feed at least four more. It also tasted amazing! The combination of cinnamon and cumin made the broth irresistible! You have to try it!!

At any rate, I am still on my plateau, but am I giving up? No Way!! I am keeping on, and I hope that since this plateau is lasting longer than usual , I will have a drop of a few pounds when I get off this plateau. As I was exercising this morning, I thought about how I had previously talked about exercising, but left out an important bit of information. Exercising is best to do when you first wake up, did you know that? I know that exercise is the absolute last thing that you want to do when you first roll out of bed, but when you sleep the last things you eat from the previous day have a chance to turn into sugars in your body. If you wake up and add exercise, you burn off those sugars and start your day fresh! I have also found that when I exercise in the morning I am more awake and ready to start my day. Granted I usually finish my routine with an energy fizz stick from Arbonne, but I feel refreshed when I exercise first thing. I have finally moved up to the third level in Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred workout video. The way the video is set up is there are three levels and each is progressively harder. With each level she adds jump training and resistance training as well as your average cardio and strength training. What I love about her video: it only lasts twenty minutes and you are out the door ready for your day. I have tried workout videos in the past where you excercised for forty-five minutes but I never saw results. With the 30 Days Shred, it is twenty minutes of intense workout, and the more you push your body the more your body will change. Our bodies are programmed to adapt to the stress we put on them. I think it is so cool that we are not victims of genetics, if we want to change our bodies all we have to do is put stress on them. Work out and eat right and your body will change, no matter who you are!