Mexican Fiesta

Tonight I was craving Mexican and I was not sure how to curb this craving. Most Mexican food is layered in cheese and topped with sour cream. My other problem is that all of the taco seasoning mixes that I have seen in the past are so full of salt, that I do not enjoy the taste. My mother and I put our heads together and here is what we came up with…

Taco SeasoningHomemade Taco Seasoning

1 tablespoon Chili powder

1/4 teaspoon Garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon Onion powder

1/2 teaspoon Merkin

1/4 teaspoon dried Oregano

1/2 teaspoon Paprika

1 tablespoon ground Cumin

1 tablespoon Red Pepper Flakes

Dash of salt

Dash of pepper

If you mix these ingredients they will make your tacos scrumptious and healthy too! This will season about two pounds ground beef.


I really enjoyed making tacos and having a large taco salad.  The seasoning was delicious and it packed a punch! I put black beans, medium Pace salsa, meat, and lettuce in a medium bowl to make a delicious and filling meal.


Lets Have A Party

This evening my mother and I hosted a group of people at our home and we made a grand feast!! Many people think that because we eat in a healthy way, that we cannot have parties and we cannot serve a buffet of wonderful foods. We had a spread of homemade salsas, and hummus. We made mini sandwiches with homemade rice bread and a guacamole spread. We did make a new recipe that I have to share!! It is a fantastic Mushroom Quiche. Now typically when you think of Quiche, you think of the pie crust it is baked in and the cheese piled in and on top to make it gooey. My Quiche is delicious and low-calorie, and the most important thing is that you can eat it and not weigh down your body like you do when you eat junk. (Like traditional Quiche)

Mushroom QuicheMushroom Quiche

12 slices low-fat, low sodium Ham

10 Eggs

2 dashes Salt

1 dash Pepper

6 mini Peppers, diced

6 Mushrooms, diced

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium bowl, scramble eggs with pepper and salt. Take a muffin tin and spray lightly with cooking oil. (I know that we do our best avoid oil completely, but I used PAM Olive Oil cooking spray) Place one slice of ham in each muffin space. Divide mushrooms and peppers between muffin tins, then divide eggs between the tins. Bake for 16 minutes, or until eggs are fully cooked. Serve and Enjoy

Arbonizing My Home

We have worked really hard to get the chemicals, GMO oils, refined sugars, and processed artificial foods OUT of our house. We have discovered that eating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables with 4 ounces of meat each day has saved us a lot of money. Our grocery bill has decreased more than a third, and we no longer waste money on high calorie empty foods at fast food drive-thrus. Take time to eat at least one meal a day, save time with your other meals by enjoying pure, safe, and beneficial high protein satisfying shakes with a fresh apple or cup of berries. You’ll never go back to the junk artificial foods that made you sluggish, and filled your body with inflammation.

For our family, IT’S TIME for the next step towards whole body health. It’s not as cheap, and it’s not as simple, but it’s absolutely essential. You are not getting maximum health if you fix what goes in your body and ignore what goes ON your body. The money you save is long term—avoiding toxic degenerative aging by eliminating every carcinogen and toxin that you possibly can will save you money. Do you know how much it costs to get cancer? I hope not. Read your labels and identify every personal care product that contains parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petroleum, and artificial fragrance. It can be discouraging and overwhelming because basically every personal care product in our house contained these chemicals.


So we made a plan. We targeted shampoo, conditioner, soap, and moisturizing lotion. I am using the FC5 system to cleanse and moisturize my face. My mom is using the RE9 night cream, and ginger citrus moisturizing lotion. Now we are adding the RE9 Ultra Soft Skin Set to help us get through this crazy dry-skin winter. My sister Gloria loves the moisturing body serum, and it has helped her eliminate ultra dry cracking and bleeding on her hands.

This week, we bought Arbonne Intelligence shampoo with tea tree oil and a set of Ginger-Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner. The ginger-citrus set costs more, so we will try them and compare, and I’ll be reporting on what we like best. Stay tuned!

Finally, we have the Seasource Detox Spa detoxifying rescue wash in our guest bath for hand washing, and some Awaken Bath and Shower Gel for the shower. It’s easy to understand why they call it Aromassential—it smells amazing!

We still have a ways to go, but the process has begun. I am proud to be leading my whole family to better health. I want you to join us! If you would like to enjoy pure, safe, and beneficial shampoo, conditioner, soaps and moisturizers, I’ll be glad to help you get started. Email me at

Breakfast of Champions

800px-FoodOmeleteWhile on 30 Days to Fit I have learned to switch up my daily routine to keep things fresh. My usual routine is a protein shake in the morning, two protein bars and an apple for lunch and I have my one meal in the evening. After sticking to this routine for a week or two I get bored and change up my schedule. Someone asked me yesterday, “If I wanted to eat my meal in the morning for breakfast, what can I eat?” I started to put my mind to it! I love a challenge to create meals in the kitchen. My first thought was an omelet. When I went to the kitchen I came up with a great list… Top Five Ingredients to Make the Perfect Omelette.

1)      Meat- I like to cut up any leftover turkey or chicken and use it to make a great flavor in my eggs. You can also buy a low sodium chicken lunch meat and use that instead.

2)      Peppers- I am not a big fan of raw peppers and I have found that if you sauté your peppers in a pan with a small bit of coconut oil before putting them in your omelette, then the texture is nicer, and the flavors burst in your mouth

3)      Mushrooms- If you chop mushrooms finely it gives your omelette flavor and a fun texture!!

4)      Onions- add a much needed kick of flavor and if you combine it with the other ingredients you are guaranteed to have a great omelette

5)      Salsa- salsa adds a wonderful Mexican spin on your omelette. Add the salsa as a topping after your omelette is cooked

I love to find foods that are healthy and that taste amazing. If you make a two egg omelette with peppers onions and four ounces of meat, then your calorie count will be around 350 to 400 and you have leeway to have fruit and vegetables with you protein shakes at lunch and dinner. Omelettes are a fun way to spice up your morning and to start your day right. Many times families make Saturday mornings special by having pancakes and eggs, why not change slightly and have omletes to start your morning. It is the small changes that make the biggest difference! Take a moment and look at your weekly menu, make the small changes and I promise you will see big changes in your life!!


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College Cheat Sheet

When you are living on a college campus it can sometimes be difficult to find the correct things to eat. Even if you go to the salad bar, where are the dressings without sugar or oil? I want to try to give you a couple of foods that I would suggest to have around your dorm room to help keep you on track. Your cheat sheet, if you will. The first food I would suggest is nuts and seeds. If you have these around your dorm room, they will not spoil and they are a great fat to have in your diet. The second food is water bottles. If you are a caffeine drinker, get some Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks and will be set!! The is sticks come in pomegranate or citrus and both are taste great and they give you a calm energy to overcome the morning madness of classes. If we stay prepared for anything food wise, then we can avoid the temptations of “college foods”. I think we should reinvent the meaning of “Freshman Fifteen” instead of gaining fifteen pounds your freshman year make an effort to lose the weight you need to lose and have the energy to help you thrive in college. Choose today to get healthy and it will truly help you lead your life where you want to go. Make your choice today!


Ten Travel Snacks to Keep You On Track!!

This past weekend my mother and I went to Nashville to help my sister start her business. The ride down there is only three and a half hours, but both Friday and Saturday we drove during lunch time. Usually we are good with our meals, but this trip we made one mistake. We did not pack a cooler and I wanted to tell you that if I had to do it over again, I would do it differently. I just have to share with you my Ten Cooler Foods to keep you on track…

20130219-214116.jpg1) Granny Smith Apples- an absolute must to have as a snack. They are filling and low calories!!

2) Protein Bars- Make your protein bars ahead of time, you can even freeze them and thaw them the day of your trip.

3) Almonds- This is a good fat to have in your diet. I like to have a nice crunchy snack when on the road.

4) Pumpkin Seeds- These are a good source of fiber and they taste amazing.

5) Strawberries- These are a sweet treat and great finger foods.

6) Arbonne Fit Chews- These small snacks help to curb you appetite and they come in caramel, chocolate, and lemon. The lemon taste kind of like starburst to me!! YUM

7) Baby Carrots- These finger foods are nice and crunchy and easy to travel with

8) Hard Boiled Egg- These are not the typical snack foods but if you peel the eggs and put them in a Tupperware they travel well, and they are easy and clean to eat.

9) Apple Chips- if you slice your apple into thin chips and bake them they are a nice crunchy snack. Sprinkle them with cinnamon and stevia to curb you sweet tooth

10) Water Bottles- I know this is pretty much a given, but it is very important to stay hydrated. I know you will have to take more bathroom breaks, but stay hydrated!!

I know that when you are on the road there is so much temptation. For me, when I travel I get cravings for a hot cappuccino. In the past when I would drive long distances I would always stop at certain exits known for their cheap gas, and warm up with a hot chocolate or a cappuccino. If you are prepared with your cooler you do not need to be tempted by the McDonald’s or Starbucks that you pass. Also if you are a big cappuccino person, bring a box of tea with you and when you stop at a gas station buy a large cup of hot water. This way you do not need the dairy and the sugar. You can buy a caffeinated tea if you need the caffeine. I learned this weekend that it can be very difficult to travel if you are not prepared. Next time we will have our cooler and be all set!!

Play With Your Food

I don’t know about you, but my Valentines Day Truffles were a hit!! They all disappeared in one night!! I am glad that my friends enjoyed them… One aspect of my health journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed is that I have been able to show people healthy food does not have to be boring. My mother and I had people over to the house the other day and we made a Mexican Chicken Chowder (see recipes page) and I loved to see their faces contort when we told them we made the food without dairy, sugar, or oil!! When I took the truffles to my friends I told them it was a special chocolate truffle, rolled in unsweetened coconut. When they tried it, they fell in love with it. Many asked for the recipe, and when I told them it was mostly tofu, they were dumbfounded. Enjoy your food. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a simple meal like grilled chicken and a large salad, but I also enjoy to create a full concoction in the kitchen. I encourage your creativity in the kitchen. Play with your food and share your recipes for all those who want to make their way to a healthy lifestyle.