Let’s Unwind

As a massage therapist I am exposed to almost every kind of lotion and oil there is out there. And many have ingredients in them that have no business bein on the skin. You want to know my favorite massage oil to use? It is absolutely, hands down, the Arbonne Unwind massage oil from the aroma essentials line.


If you have never used it, it is a product that is a must, and not just for massages. It has lavender in it, and when you use the oil it fills the room! I love that it gives your massage an incredible environment, and it is in a pump bottle. This is important to me, because my oil that I have used in the past were in bottles that you open and pour. Then you had oil on your hands and when you picked up the bottle to get more oil, the bottle would get gross!! I love to have a clean easy to use bottle that is cost effective too! If you have not tried this massage oil, you need to!!


Bad Networking Gives Me A Bad Name

I am part of a network marketing company that transforms people’s lives.  Have you been overweight all your life like me?  Has it led to chronic problems like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, and chronic fatigue?  I will tell you how I overcame a lifetime of being fat and sick, how I started my own business for $79 and am well ahead of my college bound classmates, and why I’m free to do lunch for two hours on aTuesday.  No, I don’t want to pressure sell you anything.  I just want to tell my story.  I can’t help it.  My life is changed.  My network is about people who have heard my story, recognize it could help them or someone they love, and ask me to tell it to their friends.  I love network marketing.

The problem is that the majority of network marketers are on the take.  You have a truck?  Could I use it?  I have a good cause.  Can you make a donation?  I need you to give me a couple of hours of your time.  Surely you’re not too selfish to do that?  The gimme, gimme, gimme, network marketers aren’t good business people. They suck their friends dry and wonder why they sit alone on Fridaynight. 

If you don’t have a valuable product, or a life changing service, would you just get into another business?  I don’t apologize for offering the world a shot at health, wealth, and beauty.  Our generation is getting sicker by the day.  As the quality of our food and personal care products go down, the disease goes up.  Would you like to hear my story?  I’m not selling you something.  I’m offering you an opportunity.  You can live long, lose weight, and avoid chronic illness.  And that’s no sales pitch.

Arms Need Work?


OK, I have a challenge for you, and it is only a challenge for you because I am taking this challenge for myself and do not want to do it alone. I was searching through different exercise and health blogs today and found an arm workout that I thnk I am going to try. Since I have lost the weight, I have had bingo wings (excuse the expression), you know the flaps under your arms. It definetly is not glamorous and I am ready for them to be gone. This is a workout that claims that in six weeks you can tone up your arms from simply eight exercises everyday. I am going to try it and want you to join me! Here is the website. http://losing-every-extra-pound.tumblr.com/post/24482567752/sexy-arms-in-6-weeks-if-youre-just-starting-out Excuse the title, but after looking over it, I believe it could definetly work. Who wants to do it with me?

What Are You Eating?

My mother passed on a very frightening article today, and you must read. The World Cancer Research Fund has done many many studies and have come to the frightening conclusion that processed meat is not safe for any human being to eat. In processed and packaged meat, sodium nitrate is used to make the meat a certain color so that it all looks fresh. Sodium Nitrate has been linked to cancer as stated in this article. Another major chemical in many processed meat is monosodium glutamate which is an addictive chemical put in many foods. MSG leaves you feeling hungry and wanting more food.  Please be sure to read all labels before you buy any, and please do not feed your children these foods. We are being poisoned by processed foods everywhere. Read this article and start reading labels and saving lives!!


No Shame!!

To all of us working to lose weight I want to help set you free from an excuse that we all use to avoid exercising. A major excuse is that we don’t want to run outside because we don’t have the right clothe or we feel that because we are bigger now that people will judge. First, you are not alone when you are thinking this! I think all of us no matter what size thinks about this. Think about it though, why should someone else judge you for wanting to be healthy! Be proud of yourself for taking the first step and exercising to make your body change. I don’t see them out running, you? I went running today and it was such a beautiful day!!


We need to never EVER be ashamed of wanting to be healthy! I for one am excited when I see people out jogging. I don’t worry about what they look like because who am I to judge them? No! I am proud that they are trying to be healthy and even though weight loss is really only about 20% exercise, that is a lot!! I mean 20% of 80 is 16 pounds! I for one am not gaining back 16 pounds! So be bold and be proud to go running on a nice day! Heck, if you are near me, call me up! Lets go running and share in the victory on our journey to fit!!

Grand Cooking Secret!!

Ok, people ask me what is your secret! How do you make such good food that is so good for you? Well one secret that I have found extremely useful is Happy Harvest Fire Roasted Salsa!!


I love a good salsa, because you an use it with anything. Now know that if you have the chance I have a fresh salsa go with the fresh salsa. I have a few homemade salsa recipes if you would like them email me at annajoyjeffrey@gmail.com. Anyway this canned salsa has no sugar and it has a nice spice to it!! I use it in casseroles, soups, guacamole, and stir-frys. This is absolutely one of my staples in my kitchen. The longer you are on your weight loss journey the more staples you will find to become a part of your routine. This salsa comes with my highest recommendation!! Add some on top of your salad or to your next batch of chili and you will be amazed!!

Use the Resources We Have!!

Ok all you dieters and 30 Days to Fiters, listen up!! I have talked to a few people lately and they told me that they hate water. They love their diet coke and will go “all out” on 30 Days to Fit if they can just drink coke instead of the water required. I just need to say a few things. One is that water is a huge tool for weight loss. It helps to satisfy hunger and it keep you hydrated. A great dieting tip about water is to drink eight to sixteen ounces before you eat and you are less likely to overeat!! I drink many cups of water before meals and that is a huge reason why I have been so successful in my weight loss journey. Also a sidenote about diet cokes or cokes in general. The sugars and artificial sugars in coke will keep you dehydrated and will make your body retain weight. You may not even realize that you are dehydrated because your body has adapted, but listen when I say that your weight loss journey is hindered when you are addicted to the sugars in coke. And please know I am not saying these things to offend, I am saying the from experience. I have been where you are! I have overcome. Give up the sugar, because you have no idea the reward you will get when you get healthy.