Enjoying Food

Today I am working on a wedding cake for a friend of mine and I am remembering why I haven’t done this in a year. First of all, my kitchen looks like this :


And secondly it is a ton of temptation. If I am honest though, it is not as much temptation as I thought it was going to be. Tomorrow I am going to be spending a good six hours baking cakes, and the whole house will smell, but I don’t want any! I know that my body has reached a state of homeostasis and it is not capable to take in that junk that I used to call food. It is like a lung cancer survivor going back to smoking. I mean ok, maybe not that severe, but think about it… I was addicted to sugar and on my way to death. My body is recovering from that and if I go back to my addiction, it will kill me one day. Food can make or break you. I am at a point in my journey where food can be enjoyed. When I first started this journey, I could not enjoy the food because my palate had not changed, but my body knew it was best and I listened. It is your choice… Are you going to stay in your addiction to sugar and junk that is killing you, or are you going to do something about it! Lets do this together! Email me if you have any questions: annajoyjeffrey@gmail.com


New Favorite

Ok everyone, I have a new favorite product from Arbonne: Mango Pineapple Fit Chews

In the past I have loved the caramel fit chews as a snack if I ever got hungry between meals. When I first heard of the mango pineapple fit chews I was slightly skeptical, only because the taste of pineapple is not one of my favorites, but I decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did! Now my only hesitation is that I must limit myself to two a day! They taste so good that I have to watch myself! This is a must try, if you have not had the privilege to tasting these treats, order them today!!!

Arbonne to the Rescue… Again!

As you all know I have partnered my Arbonne business with my massage business. Today I was so incredibly thankful to have my Arbonne Muscle Rub

Yesterday as I was reaching for something I reached just a hair too far and felt a rush of terror fill me as I felt the singe of pain take over my arm. I pulled a major muscle in my arm and was so frustrated because I was scheduled to work today. Well I did what I was supposed to with keeping it mobile, putting ice on it, and I used the muscle rub and that really did the trick!! If you are an athlete or active in anyway this is the product to have waiting on your shelf. Even though my shoulder hurts today I was able to work through my six hour shift with no major problems! I am amazed time and time again at the quality of Arbonne’s products! There are no corners cut and everything is held to such high standards that I trust every product even if I have not had the chance to try them yet! Arbonne helped me work tonight!! Thank you Arbonne!!!


SO everyday when I workout I try new workouts and I am always looking for ways to burn calories more efficiently so that I will get as much out of my workout as possible. I mean, who wants to workout more than they have to, right? I was on Pinterest today and found this workout. It takes four minutes and it claims that it burns as many calories as a forty minute run. Here is the workout:

Start 20 seconds Squat Thrustsscale

10 second Rest

20 second Mountain Climbers

10 second rest

20 second High Knees

10 second Rest

20 second Jumping Jacks

10 second Rest

20 second Squat Thrusts

10 Second Rest

20 second Mountain Climbers

10 second Rest

20 second High Knees

10 second Rest

20 second Jumping Jacks

10 second Rest

And you are done. What are your thoughts? I did this exercise and it was intense if you push yourself, but I don’t know if I think it would be the most effective workout for a long term investment? IO may keep this in my arsenal to have on days that I am crunched for time. WHo knows? Try it out and let me know your thoughts!

Guest Blog: Linda Jeffrey

The following is a guest blog form my mother Linda Jeffrey. She loves to look into research behind studies on food. The following I found quite interesting!
A couple of days ago, I talked to a group of young people about how our food has changed since Monsanto took over our seed supply and bioengineered crops for yield and pesticide resistance, changing their basic DNA.  Often our bodies react to these pseudo-foods as foreign chemicals and we live with inflammation and low energy.  The biggest problems are wheat, soy, corn, and canola.  By avoiding these blood sugar spiking toxins, we are avoiding diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension in the long run.  Like people laughed at the idea of bacteria in the 1800’s, so today they laugh at a diet that leaves them hungry, depressed, tired, and sick.
I am amazed by how few people are willing to eat healthy and live the vibrant energetic lifestyle that can only be had by clean eating.  These young people were bored.  They don’t know what life was like before processed foods full of wheat, sugar and fat.  You are getting this email because you have already made a decision to improve your health, get the nutrients you need, and avoid toxins.  I congratulate you in a difficult but critical right decision.  I read a doctor’s take on why people won’t give up their junk food.  I thought you would enjoy a few paragraphs, and maybe you can gently share the information with someone who needs to know!  Here is her explanation–
Cover Up: There are many ways to cover up feelings we don’t want to feel, but one of the most common ways is to eat foods high in sugar, carbohydrates, and fat, such as ice cream, cakes, and cookies. These classic comfort foods are aptly named because they hide the difficult feelings by producing a momentary sense of relief. Classic comfort foods are heavy and difficult to digest. Apart from the brain, digestion demands the most energy. Heavy foods pull energy from your nervous system, where you feel your feelings, and direct it toward digestion. These foods cover up emotions, creating a numbing effect for the feelings that started the cycle in the first place.
False Bliss: When you eat in order to cover up your feelings, you enter the “false bliss” stage. Characteristics of this stage are a sensation that everything is fine, that there was no issue to deal with in the first place, or that it was just a figment of your imagination. The comfort food paired with the desire to cover up enables you to forget, at least for a short while.
Hangover: Soon, the sensation of bliss and forgetting starts to wear off and the “hangover” sets in. Two types of pain occur during the hangover. There is the physical pain and discomfort, which occurs after eating too much of a “comfort” food. Then there is the emotional pain, which comes from feeling guilt and shame about not doing what you had originally set out to do (eat clean), repeating a well-worn pattern. On top of all that, you can often feel confused, because you have forgotten or suppressed the original trigger that started the downward cycle in the first place.
Food is either fuel for your body, or medication for your body.  I’ve lived all my life not realizing the effects of food on who I am.  I’m getting fit for God’s kingdom work.  He calls us to tend His vineyard.  Thanks for joining me in this fitness adventure!

Can You Believe It?

It has officially been over a year since I started my weight loss journey on 30 Days to Fit. I cannot believe it has truly been that long. In the past year I have had the great blessing to help so many start on their way to a healthier future. I have always said that 30 Days to Fit will be 30 Years to Fit for me, and it is true! Only twenty nine years to go! I love life now that I am free to live it. I am free now that I can move around easily, I have the energy that I need to live, and I feel like I can conquer anything. I remember how hopeless I was just a year ago. I was scared that I would resign to stomach stapling and live a miserable life filled with hopelessness when it came to my eating habits. I can really say that this message that I send is one of hope. Look at my pictures below the pictures of my old self are from the past five years and the new me (I think you will recognize her) are only from the last year. I have struggled with obesity from age ten, and I am free. I have broken the cycle!! There is hope for everyone. I am so blessed to have found 30 Days to Fit and to have radically changed my outlook on life. Are you interested in getting more hope about your future? Maybe you need more money, maybe you are like I was hopeless and overweight. Please do not hesitate to email me and lets meet for coffee sometime and talk about what we can do on this wonderful journey together. You will never be alone on 30 Days to Fit! Let’s do this together!

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Get Prepared!

Today I had some free time and I could see that our fridge was looking a little bare. I pulled some chicken out and decided to go ahead and make my meals for the week. When you make a large meal to have left overs then you need not to be tempted by foods that we should not eat.


This is a picture of my fun creations. I love not using measuring spoons and cup and exactly making foods. Now don’t get me wrong, some things need recipes, but for today I decided to throw together these foods. One dish is a Hawaiian chicken. I used orange juice, ginger, a pinch of honey, and I used an organic substitute for soy sauce.


It is Braggs brand and is called liquid aminos. It tastes just like soy sauce! It is made from non GMO soybeans and vegetable protein. There are no preservatives and it is gluten free. It is a great alternative to soy sauce and I would highly recommend it!! All I did for the hawaiian chicken was put the chicken in the pan, mix all ingredients together and pour them on top to create my marinade. Then I covered the pan with aluminum foil to trap in the moisture and I baked the chicken for 1 hour at 350 degrees.
The other chicken was more of a convenience dish. I had some salsa I needed to use, so I made a spicy Mexican chicken. I put chicken in a pan, and mixed black beans and salsa to put on top. Then I sprinkled Merken, a little bit of southern seasoning, and a little bit of chili powder. I covered the pan with aluminum foil and baked the chicken for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Now I have a delicious chicken and I have variety to choose from for the rest of the week! Amen to good food that tastes good and is good for you!!