Oldie but a Goodie

This morning I was looking over all my recipes wondering what I was in the mood for, for breakfast. I thought about all the different protein shake recipes, looked at my omelette recipes, and came across my mushroom quiche recipe and was a winner!! If you havent seen it, here it is:

Mushroom Quiche

12 nitrate free, Organic Ham

10 Eggs

2 dashes Salt

1 dash Pepper

6 mini Peppers, diced

6 Mushrooms, diced

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium bowl, scramble eggs with pepper and salt. Take a muffin tin and spray lightly with cooking oil. (I know that we do our best avoid oil completely, but I used PAM Olive Oil cooking spray) Place one slice of ham in each muffin space. Divide mushrooms and peppers between muffin tins, then divide eggs between the tins. Bake for 16 minutes, or until eggs are fully cooked. Serve and Enjoy

 Mushroom Quiche

With this recipe I wanted to tweak it a bit and make it a little more manageable. I was approached a couple of weeks ago about making single serve meals, because for the most part when I cook I cook for myself, my family and often friends. I realized that alot of people only cook for themselves and this morning I was doing just that. Here are the measurements I used:

Single Serve Breakfast Quiche

1 tsp Coconut Oil

2 Eggs

2 slices nitrate free, Organic Ham

2 small Mushrooms, diced

1 Green Onion, Diced

I took a muffin tin and greased it with coconut oil, and pressed ham into tins. I beat together eggs, mushrooms, and onion and filled the two tins. I baked only for 10 minutes, but with each oven being different, cook until eggs are fully cooked.


Health Through Nutrition

Over the past week and a half I have been in Arizona with family.  Someone close to me was diagnosed with cancer, and had to have a ping pong sized tumor removed from his brain. He is ok now, but will have an incredibly long road ahead of him recovering. This overwhelming circumstance made me so grateful to have Arbonne in my toolbox. Through my health journey, I have learned the side of preventing disease through nutrition. I know that before I started eating right and really watching what I put in my body, I was headed straight for diabetes, heart disease, diabetes, and other major diseases that can be prevented by eating right and really taking care of yourself. I was able to share what I have learned with the ones I love and it is never too late to start.


My wonderful mother is a prime example of this principle. Right before we started on 30 Days to Fit, she was diagnosed with spots on her liver, and a large tumor in her abdomen. Her doctors told her that she needed to get her affairs in order, because she was not going to make it through this sickness. We started on 30 Days to Fit and really cleaned up out diet and within a matter of months, she was sickness free and healthy! She did not struggle with the pain of arthritis, and she did not have to worry about her life being cut short from disease. Now please understand, am I saying 30 Days to Fit cured my mother? NO! But your body is a well oiled machine, and what you put in your body will determine how far your body is going to run. 30 Days to Fit was simply the tool we needed to learn how to fuel our bodies properly.  Think about a car, if you put dirt in a car, it will not run very far! Same with our bodies. We were designed to eat food from the wild, food in its purest form, not food that is genetically modified, saturated with poison (roundup), and deep fried in genetically modified oils. Our grandparents had never heard of celiac’s disease, and heart disease, diabetes and obesity have skyrocketed in their lifetime. We have to know that there IS a connection from our food to our medical bills. After we cleaned up our diet, my mother had seen the doctor maybe once in two years, whereas before she was making hospital visits many times in the year. Take time right now to talk to the ones you love about eating right and what is can do for their lives. Because of healthy eating, my nephews with have a grandfather and my future children will have a healthy grandmother! This is planning for the future! DO NOT let the media get into your head and tell you that fried foods and fast food is what is best and that you don’t have the money to eat right, because that is all a lie! We saved money on our groceries when we went on 30 Days to Fit. Take time for yourself and do some research on eating right. In the long run it can save the lives of those closest to you.  If  you would like some truly eye opening documents email me at annajoyjeffrey@gmail.com

The New Evolution!

Over the last two weeks, my life has gone through a whirlwind of chaos. Ever felt that way? Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to attend the global training conference for Arbonne International, and it was absolutely incredible. I got to network with new people and share my story and to help encourage people to really stay healthy. Arbonne came out with two new nutritional products that are revolutionary.

10345850_10152407551804411_7722221968987902682_nThese Products are the Arbonne Evolution line. Have you ever tried weight loss pills? You know, the ones with a ridiculous amount of chemicals that make your heart race out of your chest and make you feel like you are going to die all in the name of weight loss. These chemical pills are detrimental to your health. Arbonne has come out with the Thermobooster, which is a tablet designed to boost your metabolism and to give you more energy. It contains all natural ingredients that will not wreck your hormones or your body in general, and it is safe to take with your first two meals of the day to aid in your weight loss journey. The other nutritional product that Arbonne has come out with is the full control. On the market there are many many products that are appetite suppresants. Appetite suppresants have been proven to cause hypertension, boost insomnia, and even lead to different heart diseases. Arbonne’s Full Control, is a fiber supplement that you drink thirty minutes before a meal, and the fiber expands in your stomach to give you the feeling of fullness, so that you are not tempted to eat too much with your meals. I love this product! In the past, I will be honest, I would drink a shake and occasionally I would still be hungry. Since I started using the Full Control, I have not once been hungry after my meals. It helps me to plan my meals better, it tastes great, and I feel so good after taking it! Try it today!!


Addicted to Sugar

Have you ever noticed how almost all restaurants are built around bread? I was driving down the road and thought to myself, “Ok, I want something to eat that is not centered around bread” I thought for a moment and headed home to cook me a meal. When you go to a restaurant, what are you served when you sit at the table? Rolls or chips and salsa, all bread. My mind started turning and I thought why? Why is the restaurant market centered around bread? I would like to argue that our craving for bread is directly linked to our cultural addiction to sugar.  When you consume bread, your body breaks it down and turns it to sugar. We become addicted to the sugar and in turn crave those hot rolls straight from the oven. You know what I am talking about, because I used to have those cravings! We need to realize that what we feed our bodies is fuel! When you put dirt in a car, it won’t go very far. Same with the miraculous human body. If you put junk in your body, your body will fight you and you will not get very far. Let’s join together to learn the real meaning of food. If we can fight against the addiction to sugar that is overwhelming the population (just look around), then we can truly start fighting against disease, obesity, infertility, fatigue, and so many others that can be changed through diet! What do you say, join me?