Get to Workin!

Tonight I want to be short and sweet, because I just finished my workout for the day, and I am exhausted. In my routines of workouts I like to switch it up and I always end up coming back to good ole Jillian Michaels. Usually I do her 30 Day Shred or her Kick Boxing workout videos, but tonight I did one that I haven’t in quite a while. It was her Killer Abs workout video. It lasts only 30 minutes, but it is definitely intense!


It has three levels just like the 30 Day Shred, and each more difficult than the last. Start with the first and never quit!!


The Dirty Dozen

Do you know what the dirty dozen is? Until a few months ago, I had no idea how badly our food was prepared and what chemicals were poured on and into our food. Did you know that many foods that we eat on a daily basis were drenched with chemicals in the fields? You see, many non organic foods are grown And treated with chemicals that when dusted kill all life but the food plant. It may sound genius, but if you think about it, the food we eat still has those chemicals when they reach your local grocery. Can we just wash our food and be good? No! The chemicals put on the food goes into the soil and therefore gets pulled into the food while it grows. Washing it may help slightly, but many times the chemical ingested is in the food not on it. I personally do not want to be eating chemicals that if a bug were to ingest would keel over in five seconds and die. You?  So what foods should we buy organic if at all possible? !? A list is out that is called the “Dirty Dozen List”. These are the most heavily sprayed crops in the US.  So next time you go to the store, think of this list, and GO ORGANIC!

 “The Dirty Dozen” list includes:

domestic blueberries
sweet bell peppers
spinach, kale and collard greens
imported grapes


I feel that the more educated I become on the food that we eat, the easier it is to get healthy. Everyday I look for something new to learn to help share the truth about food. Sometimes we don’t always know what food is, but day by day I am learning!! What will you learn today?

Bring on the Oil

Today I had a new experience. My mother and I went to a restaurant today for lunch on our way back from a wonderful holiday weekend. (Happy 4th to all, by the way) They served chips and salsa for an appetizer along with a white sauce. Now I didn’t eat any, but I was curious. What is a white sauce served with chips? It wasn’t queso, is wasn’t ranch… it was mayonnaise!! On Chips!! What?!?? I have not been able to stop thinking about the importance of GOOD oils in our diet since this incident.  We have to remember that oil and fat is not necessarily bad for you, as long as it is the right fat in the right quantity. My favorite oils are avocado, walnut oil, and coconut oil.  Avocado is a great way to get fat into your diet. Yeah, it is higher in calories, but when you are eating clean, you are consuming a low amount of calories, and thus able to enjoy guacamole, or sliced avocados on your salad. Walnut oil is one of the best for your salad dressings. Mix up your dressing in your single serve blender, and the walnut oil gives it a kick of flavor to really make exciting dressings. Out of all oil though, coconut oil still takes the cake for me. Coconut oil can be used for everything!! When cooking it replaces butter and hydrogenated oils like margarine. It helps you stay full, helps to support your brain, helps to stabilize your blood cholesterol level and so much more!! When your skin is dry, it is the very best lotion I know. When your hair is dried from styling or dyes or just dry scalp, run coconut oil through your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes and it is like a new head of hair!! Let me tell you, coconut oil really is the Jack of all Trades!  If you come off of the bad oils and trade them for the better, and better tasting, oils your body will thank you 100 times over!!!