It’s a New Day

I want to take a moment and tell you that today is a new day, no, today is your day!! Everyday is a new beginning and I want to challenge you to take today to slow down and see those people around you. Take the time to talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to. Invite a friend over and find a new healthy recipe to learn to cook together. Fellowship with those around you. So many times we get too busy ande9667a7198aee40ad31b343712ee7288 we miss out on those precious moments around us! We all live very busy lives, believe me! But today take a moment to share what you are doing on your journey to health because what you are learning could transform the lives of those around you! Be bold! I am down 20 pounds and feeling amazing! That baby weight doesn’t leave easy, but I am doing it! And the knowledge I have can help to transform the lives of the people I meet! Today is your day! Slow down and enjoy it!


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