I truly believe that one of the main reasons I have been successful with weight loss thus far has been accountability! And I am not talking about those around me. Yes, I have my family to help keep me on track, but the tool that I have loved for so long has been a food journal. You can keep one on paper or online. I personally use Myfitnesspal. I have downloaded the app on my phone and by keeping track of every morsel that passes my lips. You have to be your best partner when it comes to weight loss. Your mind can be your biggest adversary and if you truly want to be healthy, you need all the tools you can get. I know I do! So I challenge you today to commit. Decide today to give it 30 days. Your mindset will change and you will be triumphant! If you want my accountability, I would love to help you on your journey! Email me at and we will stay in touch as we walk this road together. But please start a food journal. If you are using protein powder with me get creative with low calorie shakes and fun protein bars to mix things up. Keep track of everything and it will help to keep you motivated to stay on track! Comment below if you have had success in the past like I have! myfitnesspal-logo-600x200


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