Here We Go

Ok Everybody. A few months ago I started back on my journey to health post pregnancy. During my pregnancy I gained a total of 65 pounds, which was discouraging, but totally worth it! Isn’t he cute!

I am not alone on my journey to health, I am sure. Many many people have success losing the weight and look back a year late have backslid a long ways. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!  I am back! I started back on 30 Days to Healthy Living again and have lost about 35 pounds!  I am so excited, but have now hit a plateau, so here I am. I am going to share with you my journey over the next 30 Days and beyond, my journey back to health! You ready. If you want to join me, I have a texting support group who is doing it with me and we share daily encouragements. Email me at Yesterday was my preparation day and I went shopping and bought whole foods to make my clean meal with. If you are unfamiliar, 30 Days to Healthy Living program consists of 30 Days or eating 2 protein shakes a day and 1 clean meal a day. I use Arbonne protein powder because it is vegan, soy, and dairy free. Whey protein is inflammatory to your system and soy protein acts as a phytoestrogen (or a false estrogen) and once it passes your mouth, your hormones are at risk! So I use our protein powder and will share with you my different shake recipes and meal recipes. This morning I am having a hot shake. I heated my water and am using the Vanilla Protein Shake Mix with cinnamon and a little added vanilla. I have my own vanilla latte without all the added chemicals and sugars! Yum. I am excited to share my journey with you! In 30 Days I am going to be changed! I hope that it will inspire you to get healthy too. We as a country are getting sicker and sicker and instead of taking pills to cover up the symptoms, lets fight the problem, yeah? 


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