Feelin’ Good

Today is Day 5 of this new 30 Days and I am feeling good! I am excited to say that my energy is up and my brain is less foggy. Last night I had a rough night with my teething 6 month old, up and down all night, but after my shake this morning I really feel good. I feel like I can focus and I have the energy I need to make it though my day. Now, it will probably be an early bedtime for me after my evening shake, but eh who can blame me! My challenge for you today is to commit. Yes yes I know you may have said yes to a shake here or there or yes to “being better” but what does that really mean? Look down the road a ways. What if I could tell you that you don’t have to ache everyday and you don’t have to worry about blood sugar or blood pressure problems. I don’t know anyone who has truly gotten healthy by eating clean (no dairy, no sugar, no gluten) that has these issues. Yes I know you LOVE food, and I do too, I have found that over time your palate will change and a peach tastes like candy because you are no longer giving your body poison called sugar. We are also talking about quality of life down the road. It is so important to make that decision now because it will truly change your life. If you say to me “Oh that’s alot of pressure” Well yes because it is a life altering change, but it is simple. Start with a decision to eat right today. 30 Days to Healthy Living is how I choose to fill the gap from our standard American diet to healthy living, and it is so simple. You have your shakes so you only have to worry about one meal a day. As a professional yo-yo dieter growing up, only having to prepare one meal sounds great! But today I am feeling inspired, because even with lack of sleep, my jeans are loose and my energy is up!! I love it!


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