Day 7

So yesterday was day 7 and I am feeling good. I do feel like I am slimming down, but I have hit a plateau in my weight this week. I WILL be breaking it this next week. I am determined. No matter who you are when you are working on losing weight to get healthy, you plateau. Whether your plateau is for are short few days or a longer few weeks it can be frustrating. So what can you do? Well first of all don give up! Keep with your two shakes a day and one meal and day. This system works I am sure of it! This week I and adding into my routine a morning cup of tea with lemon. Lemon is a natural detoxifying agent and will help to cleanse your system. If you are doing your 30 Days with me, then you will be starting your 7 day cleanse this week. Remember the cleanse is something you do on top of your daily intake of food. When I first did this program the cleanse is what really jumpstarted my weightloss. But overall stay the course. You made the decision, stick to it! Remember why you are starting this joirney and never look back. My why is below. I am getting healthy for my son, to be with him every step of the way! And to you my readers, together we will celebrate our successes in just a few weeks!!



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